This is Ella, my future baby and the twin of Vivian. Only slightly younger than Gabriella, she often gets into fights with her. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and is not afraid to be bold or to hurt someones feelings. She has a sassy attitude and often complains, many times purposefully, to try and make Gabi (Gabriella) annoyed. She HATES when people mistake her name for Bella, and also strongly dislikes Lia’s (Evangelia’s) soft, sweet attitude, Kasey’s strong, proud attitude, Gabriella’s bossy attitude, and Grace’s spoiled, bratty one. However, she get’s along fairly well with Vivian and Reveka. Still, no matter how ‘arrogating’ everyone else is to her, she tends to have a motherly attitude, making sure everything is alright, and she is quite organized. All in all, she is a leader full of spirit and tries her best to do her part, and to inspire others.