Grace is my future baby on Babydow and also Reveka’s twin sister. Grace is the MAJOR diva, out of all the girls. Although much argument was made on this subject (which Grace is NOT amused with), Grace IS more of a diva than spoiled, but she still from time to time DOES act spoiled. She complains the most and can sometimes be VERY hot tempered. Being the youngest out of everyone, no one is really surprised. Although they are poor, many sacrifices were made for Grace (as well as for Evangelia), leaving her with a slightly sour attitude. HOWEVER, the rest HIGHLY exaggerate how spoiled she is. Grace really isn’t very bad of a teenager, and is still very nice. She is also VERY dramatic and girly, and gets along the most with Evangelia, who she shares many similarities with, although Lia is MUCH less of a dramatic diva, and is a little more shy and sweet. Still, they both enjoy each others company, and Grace feels as though she bonds more with Lia than with any of her biological sisters (who are Ella, Vivian, and Reveka). Still, she is frequently annoyed with Kasey (who is particularly fond of Vivian), and he with her. Still, she is very determined to meet her goals and become a better person throughout her life, and helps the team more than anyone else could ever ask for.