This is my future baby Reveka (from on the game Babydow), “Reva” (her nickname) is the also the twin sister of Grace. The second youngest (the youngest being Grace), she does not have as much respect as everyone else, so she has to fight for her place against all of the other warriors in her ‘family’ of friends. More than anyone else, she LONGS for independence, to do things by herself and to gain the respect she so DREAMS of earning. She is also the most curious and the most adventurous. She also likes to have fun, take risks, and play pranks, although none of that matters so much to her than to have as much independence and respect as she can, and she is determined to get it, one way or another. She is very proud and frowns upon her twin sister, Grace’s foolish, silly ways of whining and complaining. Although Reveka IS foolish sometimes herself, it is true that she holds more maturity and strength than anyone (including herself!) knows, and acts best when the time is right. Her best quality is probably that she knows what to expect, how to act, and is very good when it comes to “perfect timing”. Unlike Kasey, Gabriella, Ella, and Vivian (ESPECIALLY Vivian and Kasey), she NEVER plans, but always ‘wings it’. Overall, she has a carefree, peaceful, easygoing attitude, and helps everyone out more than ANYONE knew, like a gem that helped to make the crown (in this case a jade).