This is Vivian, my future baby (on the virtual game Babydow), and the twin sister of Ella. 🙂 Vivian is strong, passionate, and creative. She has an artsy attitude, and does photography, painting, drawing, designing, and well, practically anything that has to do with art! She LOVES horses and knows how to horseback ride. She is very quiet, although her thoughts are very deep and filled with compassion and sympathy for other people. Out of all of them, Vivian is certainly the one who complains the least, and she is probably the most respectful girl (Kasey being the most respectful boy). She is, however, a bit sensitive to criticism, and also a bit shy. She is also, out of everyone, the most thoughtful. She treats others the way she would want to be treated, and is not afraid to stand up for herself and her friends. Overall, she is probably the best role model, although she has stage fright and needs to learn to speak up a little more. She also feels deeply for Pedro (who you will find out more about later).